Free online Webinar: 15th november

The Pand Pas project aims at producing tools for the pre departure activities and pilot experiences for the inclusion and the active participation of migrants in the social within the hosting territories. In this webinar, the partners involved in the project will present the work methods followed, the best practices collected, the Local Action Plans…

Slovenian Migration Institute organized first two stakeholder trainings

Slovenian Migration Institute, ZRC SAZU (Slovenia) organized first two stakeholder trainings in Maribor (20.3.2018) and Ljubljana (22.3.2018). First, they presented objectives and content of the project, which was followed by the interactive lecture by Mrs. Maida who shared her personal and professional experience of working with migrants and refugees in particular. The last part of the training consisted of inspiring and efficient group

The first meeting in Padua

The first meeting of the Municipality of Bagnoli was held in the prefecture in Padua (Italy) with the bodies that in various capacities, directly or indirectly, are related to the management of asylum seekers. Each one for his / her task has become available to an operational program aimed at a substantial improvement of the procedures for managing migrants aimed both at canceling the problems in the host territories and at promoting