“Welcome!”Collection of good practices already existing for refugees’ welcoming and first inclusion

The collection of good practices corresponds to the WP1.1 – Mapping of existing initiatives, good practice on refugees welcoming and integration, under the project Pre and Post Arrival Schemes to facilitate inclusion and prevent xenophobia and radicalization. The purpose of the collection of good practices is providing the possibility for operators, decision makers, and wider…

Slovenian Migration Institute organized first two stakeholder trainings

Slovenian Migration Institute, ZRC SAZU (Slovenia) organized first two stakeholder trainings in Maribor (20.3.2018) and Ljubljana (22.3.2018). First, they presented objectives and content of the project, which was followed by the interactive lecture by Mrs. Maida who shared her personal and professional experience of working with migrants and refugees in particular. The last part of the training consisted of inspiring and efficient group