Bagnoli di Sopra is a town in the province of Padua with over 3,600 inhabitants. The Municipality of Bagnoli di Sopra is the leading partner in the Pand Pas project, whose aim is to launch a series of innovative initiatives in Bagnoli di Sopra and in other European organizations that are hosting refugees and asylum seekers with the aim of: large concentrations of migrants; increase the level of collective security; increase the control of the presence of migrants (who they are, where they come from, the reasons that drive them to emigrate); mitigate the impact that this presence causes in citizenship; provide adequate road and civic education information; provide more notions of rules and behavioral norms for migrants; improve the living conditions of refugees in reception centers; effectively counteract the risks of radicalization on the one hand and racism and xenophobia on the other; to encourage their coexistence with the citizens of the territories in which they are hosted, even if only temporarily, in the social and working environment of the area.