Centre for Peace Studies is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1997 in Zagreb, Croatia. For the last 20 years CPS has been working on many peace-building, education and human rights programs in Croatia and Balkan region. We are enjoying reputation as one of the leading peace and human rights organization in Croatia.

We are a watch dog organization believing that monitoring of the government policies from civil society perspective is a crucial balance of power for a healthy democracy.

In Croatia, CPS  has been working on refugee and integration topics through education, research, advocacy and activism. It have been conducting Croatian language course, working on integration policies, research activities, and various activist undertakings with the aim of discussing this subject in the public sphere. Within its work, CPS prioritizes the development of sustainable cooperation with local organizations and institutions in offering information and social services to asylum seekers and refugees and the opening up of the asylum seeker centres to such services. Furthermore, through its direct work on providing free legal aid, CPS detects strategic cases where it recognizes that the relevant institutions have not been complying with international or European standards.

Within this project CPS is coordinator for the implementation of most of projects’ activities in Croatia such as: a collection of about 20 good practices, implementation of Action Programmes at local level, a social survey, mapping local stakeholders, trainings, webminars etc.