Biciklopopravljaona is one of the good practices selected by PandPAS project in order to inspire new actions towards the welcoming and integration of refugees. Biciklopopravljaona (or BicPop as it’s more commonly known) is a volunteer’s collective based in Zagreb, Croatia, within Green Action/ Friends of the Earth Croatia NGO. The main idea of Biciklopopravljaona is strengthening of social solidarity through free exchange of knowledge and services and the promotion of sustainable transport. Their mission is to provide space, tools and advice on how to repair a bicycle to anyone who wants it. Also, they collect old bicycles, restore them and donate them. In 2015 they provided assistance to the refugees accommodated in the Zagreb and Kutina shelters. In time, as the number of refugees grew and people started talking about them in shelters, the demand for bicycles got much bigger and they have started collecting bicycles on a larger scale. Find out more in:

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