The collection of good practices corresponds to the WP1.1 – Mapping of existing initiatives, good practice on refugees welcoming and integration, under the project Pre and Post Arrival Schemes to facilitate inclusion and prevent xenophobia and radicalization.

The purpose of the collection of good practices is providing the possibility for operators, decision makers, and wider public to learn more about positive and innovative practices targeted to refugees and asylum seekers support. The collection displays a variety of inspirational initiatives, which can provide further ideas on how to address a particular topic or a target group, or what methods to use when working on refugees welcoming and integration. Although the beneficiaries of the good practices in the project are refugees and asylum seekers, the good practices collected have refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants as beneficiaries.

The collection includes the description of the considered 10 best transferable practices; and a stock of complementary 22 good practices, available for use and dissemination. The PandPAS partners identified all the practices.

For the purposes of this collection, we have defined good practice as approaches, experiences or initiatives that are working well and can be replicated elsewhere, with techniques and methods that produce effects and results, considered to be effective in contributing to refugees welcoming and integration, and therefore deserving to be disseminated and proposed to other organisational contexts.

DOWNLOAD NOW: “Welcome!”Collection of good practices already existing for refugees’ welcoming and first inclusion